BUNJURGEN Charbray Cattle Stud. Est. 1998

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Bunjurgen Charbray registered, polled heifers for sale

All of our heifers have been DNA tested, sire verified and horn status verified. Tested as a non-pesti virus carrier (ie. not a P.I.),

Full treatment history available; eg 3 germ blood, 7-1 and booster, 3 day vaccine & booster, marksmin mineral supplement on a regular basis.

All heifers are exceptionally quiet and easy to handle.

From a long line of proven breeders.

We have 2 outstanding homozygous polled (PcPc), registered charbray heifers for sale.

Heifers aged between 11 - 14 months of age and average 340 kg.

Heifer LP-4
Heifer LW-4